About Us

Fresh Cleaners is a full service dry cleaners and alterations shop. We also provide laundry services for those delicate or difficult to clean items. We have over 30 different locations for your convenience to always ensure you can receive the quality service of Fresh Cleaners.


What Does Differentiate Fresh Cleaners from Others?


Quality Cleaning Products

Fresh Cleaners only uses the best cleaning products available. We do this to ensure that your clothes are properly taken care of.

Utmost Quality Fabric Care

Have you experienced rapid deterioration of your favorite apparel from dry cleaning? From your casual apparel to fine business suit as well as high-end designer’s fashion, we treat your valuable garments with care in our state-of-the art equipment and environment friendly facility.

Excellence of Service

We bring a smile to our customer. This is our promise to you our valued customer. Our well-trained and friendly staff members serve each customer with unfailing courtesy and respect. We make sure you leave us with a smile of satisfaction. We will always provide you with the highest level of customer service, paying attention to details for any special requests or particular garment issues.